Cinestar X-8 “Thor” 

Thor is our primary heavy-lift aircraft, capable of handling a Red Epic cinema camera. The airframe has been modified into an X-8 motor arrangement (hence the nickname “Thor”, due to the hammer-like shapes of the arms) to allow for larger propellers and higher lifting capacity.

Droidworx Skyjib X4 Ti-QR


The Skyjib is our backup heavy lifter with even higher lifting capacity due to its extremely powerful KDE motors and ESCs. The Skyjib can also be packed into a large Pelican case for travel.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+


For low-intensity or riskier work, we have a DJI P2V+. The camera is wide angle 1080p and capable of 12mp still photos as well.

Precise camera control and HD downlink


Our Veracity control wheels provide unparalleled precision for camera control through our Movi M10 gimbal, and our Teradek Bolt and Amimon Connex video downlinks provide zero-latency, 1080p monitoring.


After testing multiple gimbals, we settled on the excellent Movi M10 from Freefly Systems. This gimbal provides us with the capacity to carry multiple cinema camera models, up to and including the Red Epic.


Our primary camera, the Lumix GH-4, delivers beautiful full HD 4K video with timecode.

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