David McGill, S.O.C.


David McGill, Head Honcho & Camera Operator


David has worked in the film business for over 25 years as an Asst. Cameraman, Camera Operator and Steadicam operator. He is equally at home operating cameras in fixed mounts such as tripod and dollies, remote heads, handheld, and of course Steadicam. He served as an assistant instructor at several Steadicam Workshops under lead instructors, Garrett Brown and Larry McConky.

David’s first love, as a boy, was flying.  And while a career in aviation didn’t pan out, he never lost his interest in aviation.  With the advent of stable, battery powered multi rotor drones and brushless motor stabilized gimbals, his interest in aviation of a different sort was piqued.  He met Joel McDonald several years ago and stayed in contact with him through Facebook during his deployment as a civilian contractor drone pilot flying small (500 pound, surveillance only) Unmanned Aerial Systems in Afghanistan for the US government.  Upon Joel’s return to the US, David contacted him to see if he would be interested in flying drones for aerial cinematography.  Of course, Joel said yes, and the rest is history!

David’s  full resume is available on request.

David McGill’s imdb listing


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