Steaditex Camera Systems, LLC (aka SCS) is a new company offering aerial cinematography services through the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, aka “drones”) as well as stabilized camera mounts in various other situations, including Steadicam.


To provide high quality, low cost aerial imaging as well as low cost stabilized motion imaging with either handheld or other vehicle mounts such as cars, bicycles, motor cycles, boats Steadicam and more!

The saying “go big, or go home” applies here (to an extent) When we started SCS, we figured we wanted to have the capability to handle full blown professional cameras, so being able to lift a Red Epic was one of the main criteria for choosing systems. 

The gimbal we chose is extremely robust and can be used separately from the copter, either as a handheld unit or mounted on something else. The camera will be able to be controlled by either joysticks, or the new Veracity Control wheels from PLC Electronics.

Our pilot, Joel McDonald, has been involved in RC aircraft for over 20 years and most recently completed an 18 month stint in Afghanistan flying civilian surveillance drones. Prior to that, the company he was working for put him through months of intensive training. Bottom line is he is a very experienced and capable pilot of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

I have also enlisted Kenny Dezendorf as an alternate gimbal/camera operator. Kenny has many years experience with all types of remote heads, regular and stabilized, both as tech and as operator. He has been the Technocrane tech for Panavsion Dallas for several years as well as operating his own jibs for all kinds of productions from live events to feature films.

With the combination of Joel’s expertise as a pilot and David’s 20+ years of experience as a camera and Steadicam operator, we are sure we will be able to deliver top notch service in this area! We look forward to providing high quality, low cost aerial cinematography for all kinds of productions, large or small!

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